It’s all so emotional.

Emotions are the biggest influence on consumer behaviour - they overpower the rational part of our brains when it comes to decision making, without us even realising it.

We crave connections and become invested in brands that make us feel good. And if a brand consistently makes us feel good we become loyal customers.

A savvy band strategy will give you the tools (and confidence) to engage with your audience on an emotional level at every opportunity. I’ll work with you to build those essential foundations on which you can market your business with clarity and consistency.
My strategy process encompasses…

Brand positioning
Understand your market, delve deep into your customers minds, and develop insights into the best approach for your brand.

Brand persona development
Bring your brand to life with a character that resonates with your audience. Connect emotionally and give them a genuine reason to choose you over your competitors.

Brand naming
Capture the essence of your brand and appeal to your audience’s wants and needs with a name that is both memorable and strategic.


Core messaging
Pin down the things you need everyone to understand about your brand – what to say and how to say it.

Visual identity
The creative part! Entice your audience with beautiful and consistent visual elements. Logos, colour palette, typography, patterns, photography, iconography and more.

Brand guidelines
Keep your brand beautiful and on track by following a clear and concise guidebook tailored to your needs.

Louise was an absolute natural at understanding Artemis brand and its clients. Very quickly she established a strategy to connect to the demographics Artemis was trying to help and offered me the essential research that sits behind connecting with my clients and furthermore, absolutely nailed my brand upgrade. She intuitively designed my brand, tools and imagery that represented me & my clients so well. I cannot recommend Louise enough, she just totally gets women’s health and represents that so well in the work that she does!

Di Wooldridge

Owner, Artemis Wellbeing Centre

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