The Anti Diet System

I jumped at the chance to come up with an identity and branding concepts for Mel Wakeman’s Anti-Diet System.
The uplifting programme dismisses diet culture and helps women heal their relationship with food by rethinking weight loss.

How I helped 

  • Logo design
  • Branding concepts

The design reflects the purpose of the programme. By censoring that miserable “D” word, it rejects the unhappiness that surrounds it, making way for positivity and determination – feelings that Mel’s clients can aspire to.

*We don’t use that word here

A clever tag line reinforces the brand message, and a user-friendly web page concept gives ideas of how the brand’s personality can be woven through Mel’s site.




I absolutely love my designs. You ‘got’ me and my business completely.

Mel Wakeman

Owner, Wakeman Nutrition