My approach is flexible as every project is different, but to give you an idea of the process…


Let’s grab a cuppa (or talk on the phone, or email!).
It’s helpful if you already have a brief, but if not, we can discuss your requirements and talk about timings and budget.


The key part of any project.
I need to understand your brand’s positioning by looking at competitors, market trends, differentiators and the history (and future plans) of your business.
I often use mood boards at this point, which we can use to plan design direction and strategy.


The ideas stage (yay!).
I’ll take some time to experiment with concepts and then present them to you as sketches, computer visuals or mock-ups - whatever works best.


After making decisions on direction, we can now start to fine-tune things. I’ll add final touches and we’ll pin down elements like paper stock, print finishes, fonts and imagery.
We may also need to discuss handing over files to a third party, such as a printer, art worker or web developer.


Almost there!
I’ll work with everyone involved in the production stage to make sure your design files are in perfect order and ready for launch.
On time and within budget.